Writing can keep you from writing, in the sense that working on short pieces of writing works like articles, short essays and emails can prevent you from embarking on other writing projects altogether.

When you focus on short pieces of writing, you could lose the urge to work on other long writing projects like content writing and creative writing tasks.

Writing is Broad

Writing is a vast field. There are different areas of focus in writing which include academic writing, content writing, creative writing and copywriting. Writing can also encompass the activities of writing emails for a broad audience, mostly in cases which involve marketing and outreach campaigns.

Depending on the field you are in, writing can prevent you from writing about other topics or projects in your area of focus or even in different broader categories like creative writing or content writing. You could be doing a lot of copywriting, but this could be keeping you from content writing or academic writing.

Intensive writing in one area of focus does not mean that you are entirely engaging in writing in all fields. It indicates that you have a concentration in one niche that keeps you from writing in other areas of focus.

Purpose of Writing

There are many reasons why people write. It could be a long-term project for a marketing campaign or writing essays for academic reasons. While it is true and indisputable that you are engaging in writing activity, demands from a project or schoolwork could be keeping you from engaging in writing in other subjects or disciplines.

Therefore, the purpose and reasons for writing influence your writing schedules and patterns. Writing essays or notes for academic purposes does not mean that you are actively writing, but it implies that you are prioritising schoolwork to writing for other purposes.

Inability to Multitask

If you are an avid writer who comes up with content for various projects, a focus in writing on your projects could keep you from engaging in writing for other purposes. Multitasking is a common thing among writers, and a writer can choose to work on several projects on the go to meet specific goals and objectives.

A writer could juggle between writing content for a marketing project and creating copy for promotional and advertisement purposes. Goals and objectives are what drive people into action. In this way, a writer can decide to forego writing in a given project and instead concentrate on completing articles or essays in another project.


When you are working on a demanding project, you are highly likely to put your best foot forward and give your best to that specific project. This may force you to spend more time writing, editing and proofreading to ensure that the content you submit is of high quality. Overemphasis in a particular project can keep you from writing and working on other projects.

When you put a lot of emphasis on a single project, you will undoubtedly spend much of your time on that project. This creates an imbalance since it leaves other projects unattended. If it is a writing project, putting more emphasis on a project can keep you from writing on other projects that require your time and expertise.

Poor Scheduling

For you to effectively work on multiple projects, you have to know how to make good timetables and follow them. If you are spending abnormally a lot of time in a single project than other projects, it means that you either do not know how to create a good schedule or you are not compliant to your timeframes.

Poor scheduling will make you focus on writing a lot in a particular field at the expense of other areas that need your time and attention in an equal manner. Furthermore, deliberately allocating more time for specific projects can make you pay less attention to other projects, effectively making writing keep you from writing in other fields.

You Could Be Starting Out

It is worth noting that a lot of writing practice could keep you from writing. When learning how to write, you tend to come up with a lot of content, which helps you to familiarise with the basics of writing and the writing process in general. This period of learning how to write involves writing correct sentences, learning how to weave sentences into meaningful paragraphs, and rewriting content.

Well, all this is writing activity. However, this could keep you from writing. This is because you put a lot of time and focus on learning how to write, but you are not doing the actual writing. There is an elaborate difference here, and it is important to note that a lot of writing practice does not mean you are writing.

To sum this up, writing can keep you from writing depending on your schedule and set objectives. Intense activity in one project or field of writing can block you from writing in other areas.

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