Today, most people want to come up with blogs. You may have heard that through a blog you can make passive income by writing interesting essays. This is true; however, it will take some effort to get to the point of monetizing your blog. Blogs are dominated by content, and therefore anybody that wishes to start blogging has to keep this in mind. However, not everything that is posted on a blog is subject to a higher readership. The content needs to be able to drive more traffic to your blog. You, therefore, need to choose your topics and content wisely. For this reason, we have selected some topics that can bring more traffic to your blog. The topics are as follows:

  1. How to topics

We are human beings, and on the first day of doing certain things or using certain items or when solving a problem, we may need help. Your blog can be a source of answers to some of these issues. How to blogs are flexible. You need to solve some of the most common issues people face or provide simple guidance to the usage of a given device. How to blogs have come in the age where most people have moved from reading hard-copied manuals to using the internet. You, therefore, have the option of choosing this topic from a list of possible topics that can garner you more blog traffic. Today, the most popular how-to page is WikiHow.

  1. Politics

All of us are affected by politics in a way or the other. Everyday issues arise in our political systems. Most of these issues deserve deliberation and therefore a blog that talks about political issues can come in handy. Remember that most people feel or are politically correct and the way you do your content will contribute to recurring organic visits.

Some people have made money off political blogs. Some have taken advantage of elections, corruption scandals, government agenda, and many other politically related issues. If you have a better understanding of local, national and international politics, then you have a chance to express yourself and at the same time drive traffic to your website.

  1. Reviews

The world today exists on products and services. We use banks, apps, electronic devices, read eBooks and even buy items online. Nobody wishes to purchase items or subscribe to a subject they do not trust. People trust reviews and will, therefore, read reviews before choosing to buy an item online.

If you are a big fan of e-commerce, then it will be enjoyable to write reviews. You do not have to write reviews about everything, some bloggers stick a particular item series, do its reviews, and it works for them. Have a list of items you would like to write about and do a keyword of item research to find out their demand. Check how many people search for their reviews and whether there is a potential of garnering some visits from it then you have a niche to write about on your blog.

  1. Breaking news

Every media stations, mainstream, and international media is in the news business. With today’s media convergence, news content not only appears on print and electronic media but also on the internet. Media stations juggle content across these platforms. You can standout for being among the blogs that disseminate breaking news about any events.

Doing this for a long time can earn you trust from multiple audiences. This could result in frequent visits, shares, and referrals to your page. Such could make your traffic go through the roof earning you ad requests and reasonable flow of passive income.


  1. Travel

They say that traveling reduces the mysteries of people. Today people are acquiring visas to travel across the world. Such an urge to travel is not just a, by the way, people have been motivated to travel. Much of this motivation could be on websites of the people we look up to. For this reason, traveling has become one of the hot topics that can bring you money when blogging. You could be part of a force that talks about traveling, travel routes and destinations and still earn yourself traffic on top of the fun.

The list of blog niche topics that can bring more traffic to your blog is long. You can come up with a list too, do your research and in the end have better topics to write about. With well-optimized content, you would earn yourself multiple visitors enough to allow you to monetize your blog. In the end, this should be a good source of real income.


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