There is no single doubt that Instagram is the new cool for anyone who wishes to engage with the world visually. A cliché yes, but a single picture can tell a thousand stories, especially if it is posted and shared on Instagram. However, this does not happen out of the blues. You need to establish the best way to kick off- on a high gear of course- on this journey to attract organic and genuine followers. Instagram is great app not only for personal using but for advertisement too more about this you can read in the essay on impact of social media on society.


Having an Instagram account is a first, significant step into connecting with over half a billion people around the globe. However, installing the app on your smartphone is not enough. In such a time when there is stiff competition to stand out; where looks sell more-than-what-meets-the-eye and where everyone yearns to stay afloat by selling the best looks, there is an increasing need to cut your niche in the unique and best way possible.

Hence, for whatever reasons that you intend to have an Instagram blog for, here are the major hacks you need to be aware of before setting out to create a successful Instagram blog:

Choose a Catchy but Suitable Username         

After downloading the app, you can either sign up via Facebook- which means that you’ll use your Facebook name and username. Alternatively, you can sign up on Instagram up and choose a new username.

A username is vital because that is your unique identity. For this, we suggest that you be creative as much as you need to be unique. Most suitable usernames are such as align to the content to feature. For example, if the blog is intended to be a travel blog where travel content is shared, you might want to have a username such as @the_traveller, etc. This is important because it sells your content at face value.

Set Up Your Profile Photo

As earlier indicated, Instagram is where pictures sell, or better say, appeals to potential followers or established audience. Thus, any photo that you upload, including the profile photo should be attractive and communicating.

Instagram has filters which one can conveniently use on any photo that is uploaded.  Ensure that you do not overuse them to the point that the picture fails to communicate anymore.

  • It is important that you add a description to your profile photo, plus any other photo that you upload. It makes it easy for other people to find you. For example, use hashtags that are related to the purpose of your blog. As other people look up for the hashtag, your photo will automatically pop up, and that increases their chances of interacting with you.

Find People You Can Follow

When your Instagram account is up, you will need to find people who you can follow. This can be done by:

  • Searching for topics that are related to your content
  • Searching for hashtags that are in line with your interests and look for the accounts that you can follow.

Running an Instagram Blog

This is the most important part that keeps you afloat. When you have the account up and running, the next most important thing is to create content that will keep your followers or audience stuck to your page. You can now get advertisements. The essential things that you need to know about running an Instagram blog successfully include:

  • First, ensure that you have very clear objectives for the blog. This will be important and help you to decide the kind of content to run on your blog. For example, if you intend to run travel content, then you will need to write stories, post videos, and photos about your traveling experiences that your audience might want to see.
  • When uploading the photos, videos and also stories, it is paramount that you tag places, people and also write hashtags that relate to what it is that you are communicating. It also gives you an excellent mileage for reaching people with similar interests.
  • In addition to that, tagging popular blogs or people with mass following is also likely to give you a great chance to grow your audience.
  • Finally, on this, ensure to be consistent in your content. Avoid pushing different topics on your blog. For example, it is not advisable that you run political campaigns on a book blog. Remember that your audience is on your page to get specific information. Hence, if you are not consistent with your topics, you might end up losing some followers.

Finally, remember that starting an Instagram blog is not all you need. It is the first necessary step into reaching out to the first growing virtual world of about a billion people. Get some creative tips from the internet. So, besides having a blog, you will need some good time to build yourself and your followership. Hence, put efforts into your blog for maximum returns.

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