Writing is one of the most potent skills any individual can have. Some people make the best writers but never get paid for it. This not the case for Bertie Ahern.

Bertie Ahern is an experienced writer, i.e. essay writer. He has been in the job for a long time. He has not only worked for a long time but has worked for multiple projects. Bertie feels comfortable about the contribution writing has made in his life and believes anybody else can enjoy the same benefits. He plans to share his experiences with other interested freelancers and help them go beyond their writing limits.

Bertie Ahern has not only worked for others but also himself. He believes that the field has so much potential and that it can never be small. Berties also espouses that language is very important for essay writing. That clients are very sensitive about grammar and syntax, about attention to detail, moreover, about quality and quantity issues of the writing.

Bertie adds that he did not learn to write own and that it was through other better writers that he grew. He believes that through the internet writing has become easy. He attests that the internet has made writing research a cost-effective adventure and that everyone needs to join the profession. Through his blog bertieahernoffice.org, Bertie plans to support future writers. The blog is already ongoing and that writers can always rely on it for writing advise. That they can learn and share their professional writing experiences. He believes that through sharing, the knowledge about essay writing grows even more.

Bertie wishes to be an example through writing and that if people get better at writing, then they are set for life. Bertie believes that writing pays.