To be authentic is to recognize the freedom of all people and achieves in a classless community where every human being will be able to express their freedom. Therefore, according to my understanding on the claim made by Jean-Paul Sartre I agreed with the statement where he clearly identified that our freedom is limited by our bodies and our place in history and society where others have the opportunity to go to Oxford and become scholars, however some do not. So according to his claims, he backtracked a bit about our essential freedom as his thought developed. He also advocated for social change and believed that we may transform the global and by looking at ourselves as the only source of salvation and meaning in this world.

In addition, he also believed that relationships with others could be authentic. For example, if someone sees you as free, they give other implication to someone’s life through that gratitude. He even argues there can be authentic love. Still his most fundamental value was freedom, nevertheless not just the freedom that conscious beings have at that time they do selection, however the judgment value that every person must be able to exercise his or her freedom in concrete ways, therefore, that human community need to be transformed in the direction of making this a reality for everyone.

Clearly demonstrate your analysis of the author’s intentional response to Sartre’s assertions when she wrote her essay (My Uniform by Cheryl Strayed)

In demonstrating my analysis of the author’s intentional response to Sartre’s assertions when she wrote her essay on my uniform, we find how Cheryl Strayed’s had difficulties in her life. She always been ambitious and learned to read when at a tender age and even fall in love with words in a way that excelled everything she had ever experienced. By the time she graduated she had a remarkable list of achievements.

Concerning her intentional response to Sartre’s assertion which indicates that the existence precedes essence implies that things, and we, exist prior to our categorizations. It indicates that possessions themselves, and we lack intrinsic nature prior to human projection of values. It regards humans as the permitted makers of whatever substances there might be. Sartre’s belief was that we are born free of any intrinsic nature. We create our essence, which we are, through our choices.