A character that is portrayed to be a stereotype in this part of the novel is Darleen. She stands to be identified as the purest. She is dumb and certainly not familiar with very many things. Darleen lacks the exposure to the world. She does not know how to read thus Lana Lee is always there to help her out. In part, she reads her a story. She is very much naïve thus cannot entertain customers either can she serve them. She totally lacks the talent of being able to differentiate the particular type of people hence Lana does not give her the opportunity to serve the police officers whom Lana needs to drive away by not serving well.

Darleen is further identifiable to stereotypes by remaining so much rooted in her culture that she only dreams of becoming an exotic. She affirms her status with her suggestions of being able to dance together with her bird on the audition on the night of Joy Stage. A point that Lana seconds since she understands that her thinking in that direction would be best compared to being left on the stool with them.

The author might have chosen and decided to feature stereotypical character for reasons including The need to communicate that such people exist in the community. The author meant to show that stereotypes are identifiable to certain qualities that are assigned to them as a particular group, sex or race oriented in manners that could lead to discrimination or being ignored in the society. Hence the point was to tell people that, it could not have been their wish to be ignorant, naïve and uneducated but circumstance and lack of opportunity could have been the reason. It is thus of best interest to always offer such individuals a helping hand just like Lana did to Darleen.