My name is Bertie and I am a teacher and a writer – or a writer and a teacher, you choose. Both writing and teaching have been a passion of mine since forever – or well, since a long time. They were, are, and will forever remain my passions.

In all honesty, my passion started mostly with just writing. I was a fairly artistic kid, and I always preferred the company of books to that of other children my age. I disliked the noise, and I always to dive into another world – and even create my own worlds. That’s when I also picked up writing. If my favorite writers could do it, why couldn’t I?

Later on, however, when I was no longer a child, I realized something else – the little ones were not that bad after all. They were actually cute and funny – and they were always completely honest. Eventually, I picked up an intense love for teaching, because I wanted to be like a spiritual mother to the next generation. I still, however, kept n writing – because that’s also something I’ve always loved to do.

I’ve decided to run this blog because I wanted to merge my two hobbies: writing and teaching. My love for writing will lead to constructive blogs. At the same time, these blogs will come to the aid of students – since it will mostly contain tips for them. What better way to help a student pass his or her exams than by giving them advice straight from the horse’s mouth?